The program incorporates functional medicine along with proven protocols to achieve the best results in performance enhancement. By creating a combined program which specialize in cutting-edge biohacking and consciousness hacking, patients can achieve their best results through a collaborative team effort called:

EPAC Group


Clinical Practice: Lifestyle Medicine

Over the last 13 years, Dr. Summers has become highly skilled in the provision of medical care and preventative services to patients in New York City through her successful specialized medical program for athletes and executives called EPAC Group (Enhanced Professional Athletic Care Group).

Dr. Summer's partners in the EPAC Group program are among the best physicians and specialists in the country.

Additionally, Dr. Summers is an expert in Travel Medicine. The majority of her patient interactions will be in an E-Consult format (online), and she can be accessed remotely through a customized, HIPAA compliant patient/provider electronic platform.

 Dr. Summers currently has limited hours to see her patients in her private practice location in New York City. Appointments are available by contacting Dr Summers to arrange a time directly.



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